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DELTA TOURS is a professional tour operator with over 25 years‘ experience (founded 1991), specialized in full spectrum of tours - from the biggest global series involving multi-destinations to one-off leisure groups, special interest tours, incentives and deluxe business. We are all about creativity, talent and competence – the single most important elements that identify excellence from mediocrity. Ask us to create the tours with engaging and compelling content, to work out impressive and profitable products and to make you proud of the results. Given our vast expertise and proven abilities, we are your best choice for meeting the challenges of today‘s dynamic travel market.

What we offer

  • Comprehensive guide to all kind of overnight places - from simple to boutique and design hotels, from pure eco-farms to exclusive manor houses
  • Extensive insight on all the aspects pertaining to local and gourmet restaurants, cooking classes, wine tastings, picnics in unusual places
  • Knowledgeable content about the cultural and historical heritage etc spots
  • Destination services such as transfers, sightseeing tours and excursions
  • Guaranteed departures and tailor-made tours

Our service

  • Flexibility in meeting the requirements
  • Professional attitude in correspondence
  • Delivery of high quality services
  • Maintenance of competitive prices
  • Dedicated managers
  • Creative force


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